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Dust by night

Dust by night

marcphun asked: Bruh other than an AF 50mm, can u pls recommend more lenses? Thnx


To be honest, I really only go for prime lenses. I personally use a 50mm (but it’s a full frame lens on a crop sensor so it’s actually ~85mm - which is perfect for portraits), and then I like having something along the lines of a 28mm/35mm for all around/landscape use. Sometimes I suppose a telephoto would be wonderful, but I find this covers almost all of my bases, dude! I wouldn’t go with anything too wide out of fear of distortion. And I tend to avoid zooming lenses because for the same price you get a prime with much better glass and significantly superior low light performance. So, yea.

Some lens advice for anyone trying to figure out their setup!

Anonymous asked: Hey, do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into photography?

Start taking pictures. Just focus on composition and the subject. Don’t worry about trying to get that one perfect picture that will get thousands of notes. Focus on developing an eye for composition. Look for beauty in every day life. You’ll find inspiration in the mundane, and you’ll be prepared to capture those perfect moments when they come along. You’ll take a lot of crappy pictures, and the occasional excellent one. Once you’ve developed a passion for it and know you’re committed, invest in an entry level dslr. I recommend sticking with either Canon or Nikon (I shoot Nikon). My personal recommendation would also be to pick up a prime lens. It’ll give you a higher quality lens, and more bang for your buck. You lose the convenience, but it forces you to move around, instead of making the camera do the work for you. Which is, in my opinion, a better way to learn. Best of luck!